About Us


HanziHero is an indie web app created by us, Kevin and Phil, two brothers from Tampa, Florida. We don’t have any marketing team or, really, any budget. We are just two programmers with a shared interest in East Asian languages that want to make tools that help ourselves, and others too.


I (Kevin) have been learning Chinese on and off for two and a half years now, and have struggled the most with remembering the characters, especially the correct pronunciation and tone. After trying out many different approaches, textbooks, SRS systems and Anki decks, I finally got frustrated enough to build out an early prototype of HanziHero for my own personal use, to great success!

When I’m not studying and immersing in Chinese here in Taiwan, I’m spending my time building out the HanziHero curriculum and researching better, smarter ways to learn Chinese.


Hi! Although I may not have the same background in Chinese, there have been stints of learning Japanese as well as Spanish within a span of four years.

While there are plenty of materials for both of those languages, there’s not as much with Chinese. To provide a cohesive alternative to the usual frantic search of the best learning system sounds like a good use of time to me.

Please feel free to send any feedback on how HanziHero is working for you through our chat widget, right in the bottom right corner!