Newly learned items

Newly learned items are items that have been learned in a lesson but have not yet been reviewed multiple times successfully. You can see which items are considered newly learned by navigating to the dashboard and looking at the Newly learned items section, as pictured below.

newly learned items

SRS stage dashes

In the Newly learned items section on the dashboard, each item will have three dashes underneath it. These three dashes represent each of the first three SRS stages.

If an item is on SRS stage 1, as all of the items in the picture above are, they will only have one of the three dashes colored green. Similarly, if an item reaches SRS stage 2, the second dash will also be colored in. If it drops back to SRS stage 1, then the second dash will turn back to gray.

Thoroughly learned items

When an item successfully reaches the third SRS stage for the first time, it “graduates” and is no longer considered newly learned. At this point, it will no longer show up in the Newly learned items section of the dashboard. Since you have successfully reviewed it multiple times in a row, we instead consider it thoroughly learned.

Becoming thoroughly learned is a one-way street. If an item becomes thoroughly learned but later drops all the way back to SRS stage 1, it will still be considered thoroughly learned.

Lesson item selection and newly learned items

The HanziHero item lesson order algorithm will only select an item for a lesson if all of its parts have already been thoroughly learned.

For example, if you have the component 月 moon in your Newly learned items section, then we will not select the character 朋 péng for inclusion in your lessons. However, once you have thoroughly learned 月 moon, we will begin to consider selecting 朋 péng for your future lessons, provided all of its other parts have also been thoroughly learned.