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HanziHero is a web app for learning Chinese characters (also called hanzi) and vocabulary.

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More than 3000 Chinese characters.

Know what each means,
looks like,
& sounds.

& you won't forget the tone.


Powered by Mnemonics.

Easily recall through an intelligent map of story elements.
You'll get the pronunciation, tone, sound and meaning in one fell swoop.

Goofy enters the basement of the house, where he finds an ancient headstone in the corner. He goes over to it and, in his goofy fashion, accidentally knocks it down, shattering the ancient headstone. Oops.

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Spaced Repetition

Retain it all.

You'll review what you've learned just before you forget it.
This'll supercharge your memory and make recall a breeze.


Maximize your returns.

Learn the most relevant hanzi immediately.
Build off what you learned for later characters.
Everything you learn works in your favor exponentially.

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