Reset application progress

Sometimes you want to start from the beginning. And if you want to, you can with the Reset application progress in the application settings page.

application reset settings

Be forewarned, it’s in the “Danger Zone” for a reason: once you reset your application progress, there is no way to recover your previous progress.

Clicking Reset Progress will open a pop up which goes over the consequences of resetting the progress for both courses.

application settings reset modal

Once you’re certain you want to reset all of your progress, type in “DELETE APPLICATION PROGRESS PERMANENTLY” and click Reset Progress.

application settings reset input

Once you click Reset Progress, you should get a notification that your application progress was reset.

application settings reset result

The above sample user will now receive the first lessons from the very beginning! All progress data is completely wiped for both courses. Progress data would include all of the items you’ve learned as well as the review history of those items. It would be essentially the same as starting HanziHero from the beginning.

Be sure to give some thought before you do this, because once the progress data is gone, it’s gone!