Subscribe to HanziHero

Once you decide HanziHero is right for you and make it past rank 6 under our free tier, you will want to subscribe to access the rest of the course.

There are two type of subscription plans: Monthly & Annual that you can see on our pricing page.

What’s included

Both the Monthly plan and the Annual plan include all of the items that’s in HanziHero.

Of course, you will continue to have access to everything you learned during the free tier.

What’s the difference between Monthly & Annual

The first difference is in the billing cycles for each, which you can derive from the names: you pay monthly under Monthly and yearly under Annual.

The second difference is that Annual comes with a discount. Over a year, a user who is on the Annual plan gets two months free, compared to a user on the Monthly plan.

How do I subscribe

To subscribe, first log into your HanziHero account and navigate to your Subscription page.

picture of subscription page

Once you’ve decided which plan you want, click on the “Subscribe” button for that plan.

Since we process payments through Paddle, their overlay will pop up.

picture of paddle overlay

Make sure you have the correct email address, and fill in the other details necessary.

After clicking next, you’ll be presented with the payment details form.

picture of paddle payment details

Fill in your payment details which Paddle will handle securely on our behalf.

Once you click “Subscribe now” Paddle will charge your card. If all goes well, you will be presented with the the success page.

picture of success page

Paddle will notify us about your payment and we’ll upgrade your account. This usually happens under 15 seconds, but sometimes it takes up to a minute.

Once we upgrade your account, if you navigate back to the Subscription page you should see your Subscription details.

picture of subscription details page

You should also get an email from Paddle confirming your payment. If you do not see your subscription details after five minutes reach out with a chat!