Review quiz

Whenever you start your reviews by clicking on the Reviews button on the dashboard, you are brought to the review quiz.

Here you will quizzed on all of the items that were scheduled for review that day.

review quiz

Quiz Controls

You may have noticed the six buttons below where you type an answer. Let’s go through each.

Item Info

review quiz

This one opens the Item Info Panel, which holds all of the information about the current Item you’re being quizzed on.You can only access this information after you answer!

Play Sound

review quiz

This one plays the audio of the current item if there’s audio attached. For example, the pronunciation of a character.

Quiz settings

review quiz

This button opens up the quiz settings panel, where you can adjust audio preferences and progress indicator preferences.

Reveal Answer

review quiz

When you don’t know the answer to the question being asked, you can hit this button to reveal the answer. It’ll automatically open the Item Info Panel and mark your attempt as incorrect.

Open in new tab

review quiz

Clicking on this opens the Item page in a new tab. You may want to use this if you want to jump to related items. Like looking at the components of a character, for example.

Wrap up review session

review quiz

This button allows you to wrap up your session. Clicking on it will make it so you only answer questions you’ve previously got wrong. This allows you to finish up partially completed items and save your progress, rather than exiting out and having the same item pop up again.

review quiz

Once you hit to the number zero, a dialog will trigger to either exit the review session or start a new one.

review quiz

Undo your answer

review quiz undo button

This button allows you to undo your previous answer. Clicking on it will undo your previous answer and any effects it may have had on your new SRS stage. The question will be requeued. You can mostly think of it as a way to say “don’t count this answer” when you press it.

When you press it, you’ll hear a little sound and the answer bar will turn yellow.

review quiz undo pressed

This indicates that your answer has been undone, and that you’ll see the question again.


The questions you will be asked differ between the various item types.


For sounds, you will be asked the pronunciation of the sound. You will be presented with the association of the sound and asked to recall what pronunciation the association corresponds to.

sound question

The preceding or trailing - character that is used throughout the application can be omitted when you answer the question. For example, in the image above we can enter either bu- or bu. Both answers would be accepted.

In addition, you will come across sounds that have ( parentheses ) around a letter. You can omit those as well if desired, as well as the letter. For example, one sound containing parentheses is -(e)ng. Valid answers would be -(e)ng, (e)ng, -eng, eng, -ng and ng.


For components, you will be asked the meaning of the component. In other words, you will be asked to enter the name of the component.

component question

In addition to the primary name of the component, you can also answer with the alternate names or any user synonyms you have added.

Words and characters

For words and characters, you will be asked two questions.

One of the questions is the meaning of the character or word. Valid answers include the main meaning of the item, any alternate meanings, and any user synonyms you have added.

character meaning question

The other question is the pronunciation of the character or word. There is only one valid answer here, and that is the exact pinyin of the character or word.

word pronunciation question

Answering questions

To answer a question, simply type it into the white submission box. When you have finished typing it in, press ENTER to submit it.

Correct answers

If you get it correctly, the submission box will turn green and, if all related questions for an item are answered, you’ll see the new SRS stage the reviewed item is now at.

correct quiz answer

Afterwards, you can press ENTER once more to proceed to the next question.

Incorrect answers

If you answer a question incorrectly, the submission box will turn red.

incorrect quiz answer

You will continue to be asked any questions you answer incorrectly until you answer it correctly once.

If you are unsure of the answer, you can look it up by clicking on the Item info panel. This is the button with the information icon in the lower left.

quiz item info

Answer mistake prevention

HanziHero can protect you from making some common silly mistakes when answering questions. We specifically protect against mistakes that show you know the item, but just typed in the wrong type of answer.

Pinyin for meaning answer

If you type in the pinyin of a character or word when the question asked for the meaning, the submission input will disallow submission and show a tooltip with your mistake.

pinyin for meaning answer

Simply correct your answer and resubmit to continue.

Meaning for pinyin answer

If you type in the meaning of a character or word when the question asked for the pinyin, the submission input will disallow submission and show a tooltip with your mistake.

meaning for pinyin answer

Simply correct your answer and resubmit to continue.

Obvious typos

To make it easy to get through the quiz, we handle and forgive obvious typos. If your answer is off by one, it will generally be accepted.

typo answer

Progress indicators

You can see your progress through the quiz at any time by looking in the top right.

quiz progress indicators

The number next to the thumbs-up indicates the percentage of questions you answered correctly in the current session.

The number next to the checkmark indicates the number of items you have answered correctly in the current session.

The number next to the inbox indicates the number of items left for the day.

If you wish, these can also be turned off via the quiz settings panel.

Back button

If you accidentally move on to the next question without looking at key information from the previous question, you can go back.

back button review quiz

This allows you to update your user synonyms, view the correct answer, and anything else you would’ve like to know before moving on.

back button review quiz gif

You can quickly go back to the previous question using Ctrl or Cmd + b.

Audio and sounds

Whenever you answer a question correctly, a small sound will play, aurally indicating you are correct.

Additionally, if you answer a reading answer correctly, the audio of the correct pinyin will play aloud.

If you wish, either of these can be disabled via the quiz settings panel.

Leaving the quiz early

If you wish to leave a quiz before you successfully answer all questions, you can do so by simply clicking on the home button in the top-left.

HanziHero will save any review progress that it can, but if there are partially answered items left, you will receive a warning.

To safely exit the quiz, use the Wrap Up functionality.

review quiz leaving quiz

Finishing the quiz

Once you have successfully answered the questions for all items you have scheduled for your review, you will be presented with a congratulatory pop-up.

review finished modal

To close it, simply click Return home to return back to the dashboard.