Extra Study

After you complete your Lessons and Reviews for the day, you may want to revisit items you just learned or struggled with.

dashboard extra study

This is what the Extra Study widget allows with (future) various options. We plan to include more studying options. There are two options available: Recent Mistakes and Recently Learned.

Items found within either study option will be displayed within the widget in case you want to visit items individually. Otherwise you can just hop into a Review session for more studying.

When you load into an Extra Study Review session, you’ll notice the banner at the top to remind you that this is an Extra Study session, which won’t count toward anything other than your memory:

extra study reviews

It should function the same as your usual Review session.

NOTE: any Extra Study session will not be recorded and will not affect your SRS stages. But it’s still valuable to brush up when you’re motivated to do so!

Recent Mistakes

extra study recent mistakes

The Recent Mistakes option allows you to queue up reviews of items you didn’t answer correctly within the last 48 hours.

Recently Learned

extra study recently learned

The Recently Learned option allows you to queue up reviews of items you’ve learned but not yet become familiar with yet.