Introduction to the dashboard

Every time you log in to HanziHero, you are directed to the HanziHero dashboard.

HanziHero dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of what you need to do and your progress in the application. Let’s cover briefly each aspect of it.

Lessons button

Lessons button with pending lessons

The lessons button shows how many lessons you have left for the day. You can start those lessons at any time by clicking on the button. When you finish your lessons, you will be returned to the dashboard.

If there are no lessons left for the day, then the button will be greyed out.

Lessons button with no pending lessons

Reviews button

Reviews button with pending reviews

The reviews button shows how many reviews you have waiting for you. You can start those reviews at any time by clicking on the button. When your reviews are finished, you will be returned to the dashboard.

If you have finished all of your reviews for the day, the button will be grayed out.

Reviews button with no pending reviews

Level progress

level progress

The level progress section shows what level you are currently on. Your level is simply a reflection of how many characters you have learned so far.

Newly learned items

newly learned items

The newly learned items section shows any items you have just learned. You can expect items that show up here to show up soon in your daily reviews.

The dashes underneath each item represents each of the first three SRS stages. In the picture above, all items are on the first SRS stage.

When an item reaches the third SRS stage (and all three bars fill in), it will no longer be considered “newly learned”. At that point it will no longer show in this section.



The changelog shows all of the recent changes we have made to the application. If you are curious, you can click on any of the links to learn more about what has changed.

Upcoming reviews

upcoming reviews

The upcoming reviews section gives a forecast of the number of new reviews that will be added to your review queue, for each day.

SRS stage distribution

SRS stage distribution

The SRS stage distribution section shows how many items you have in each SRS stage.