Change quiz audio autoplay

By default, HanziHero will automatically play some audio when you answer a question correctly or when you navigate to a new item within lessons. It will play a “ding” sound whenever any question is answered correctly, and the voiced pronunciation either when the item’s pronunciation is answered correctly, or when the item appears within your lessons.

In addition, HanziHero will play a mild “rip” sound to indicate you’ve undone an answer.

All of these behaviors can be configured separately in the application settings page.

application settings

You can toggle Mute sound effects to configure whether both the “ding” sound that plays when you answer a question correctly and the “rip” sound that plays when you’ve undone an answer should be muted.

You can toggle Mute the voiced pronunciation to configure whether the text-to-speech pronunciation of the item is played when the item is newly introduced or answered correctly.

To save any changes to these settings, simply click the Save button after modifying the current settings.