Daily review limit

Though we have vacation mode to help take a break from reviews, it’s quite easy to forget to set it! Next thing you know you’re greeted with 1k+ reviews to get through.

In addition, the variance of reviews hovering around 200 to 300 means that you can’t count on reviews taking the same amount of time. On 300 review days, it will take a lot longer – and depending on your schedule, this means having some reviews you won’t be able to get to today.

To help manage a case of 1k reviews or to make reviewing more consistent (and rewarding) we’ve implemented a Daily review limit.

The daily review limit works by imposing a soft daily limit on your reviews. You can think of it as a target of how many reviews you want to accomplish today.

This has a few effects when set:

  1. The number of items in your review session will be capped up to the Review Limit
  2. Your dashboard will show a greyed out Reviews button when the Review Limit is reached
  3. If you want to review more and there are items you can review, you can tap on the greyed out Reviews button to enter another session, capped at your Review Limit

You can impose a Review Limit any time by navigating to your application settings.

application settings page

“None” retains the current behavior of displaying and queuing up all reviews for a day.

After selecting the desired limit, just hit save.