Skip a word

Some of the words we’ve added you may not be interested in. In that case, you can skip them!

How word skipping works

  • When you skip a word, you won’t see it show up in your lessons at all until you unskip it.
  • Skipping a word does not affect its dependent items.
  • Skipping a word can always be undone. You just have to navigate to the word page and click the skip button, as we’ll demonstrate below.

Skipping a word

You can skip a word item any time by first navigating to its page.

word skipping

There you can click on the Skip button to queue it up.

word skip button

After you click on it, the Skip button should be bold which indicates that the word is now skipped.

word skipped

Unskip a word

If you wish to unskip a word you previously marked as skipped, all you need to do is click on the Skip button again.