Prioritize a character

Though we already have an optimal order for learning Chinese characters, often you’ll come across a character in media that you want to learn.

Instead of waiting until that character shows up, you can prioritize it, greatly expediting the process!

How prioritization works

Prioritization allows you to, well, prioritize a character.

When you prioritize a character, all of its components and sounds are pushed to the front of lessons.

Once those components and sounds become familiar, you’ll then see the character pushed to the front of your lessons too.

And, of course, after you get familiar with the character, you’ll then see any words the character has for reinforcement.

When you prioritize multiple characters, when they show up in your lessons is determined by how recently you clicked prioritized on the character. So, for example, the last character you prioritized will be the first character to show up in your lessons.

So, if you prioritized an item and want to bring it to the front of the queue, simply unprioritize and prioritize it once more.

Prioritizing a character

You can prioritize a character any time by first navigating to the page of the character you want to add it for.

character prioritization

There you can click on the Prioritization button to queue it up.

character prioritization button

After you click on it, the Prioritization button should be bold which indicates that the character is now prioritized.

character prioritization button active

Once you become familiar with all of the components and sounds of that character, you’ll see the prioritized character show up in your Course Progress widget with an indicator:

character course progress prioritized

Deprioritize a character

If you wish to deprioritize a character you previously marked as prioritized, all you need to do is click on the Prioritization button again. Doing so will deprioritize the character as well as all of its dependent items.

character deprioritize