Lesson ordering

As you work through your lessons, you may be wondering, why am I learning items in this order?

At HanziHero, our selection keeps in mind a few different factors:

The above factors determine what items you get when it comes to sounds, components, and characters themselves.

Word items are handled differently. We apply these factors to words alone to determine which word items we select and how many we select:

  • What is the ratio of words to characters learned? One should have a ratio of 2.0 words per character.
  • Do all characters have a word item to pair with it? Do some characters have less word items than others?
  • How important is the word with respect to HSK level?
  • Have we exhausted the total number of words for today?

The total number of words per day would be about 1/2 of your total lessons for the day. So if your daily lesson limit is 10 lessons a day, then you would have at max 5 word items in your lesson queue.

The daily limit on words is to help strike a balance between reaching the ideal of 2.0 words per character while also preventing a flood of word items in your lessons.

With the above factors, we can guarantee that:

  • The words you learn will be more useful since they reinforce characters you just learned as well as characters that have less word items learned.
  • You can always expect to have word items if they’re available, but you won’t get a flood of them in your lessons.