Introduction to lessons

Lessons in HanziHero teach you new items to learn. These items could be a sound, component, character, or word.

Doing your lessons

You can see how many lessons you have waiting for you by navigating to the dashboard. There you will see a lesson button. If you have any lessons pending, it will be colored blue with a number indicating how many lessons you have left for the day.

blue lessons button

If you have no pending lessons for the day, it will be gray.

blue lessons button

Daily lesson limit

HanziHero has a built-in daily lesson limit. You can change the limit within your settings.

Lesson item ordering

We have a special selection algorithm that determines your Lesson item ordering.

When you start your daily lessons, you will be navigated to the lesson carousel.

lesson component mnemonic

This view shows you all the needed information when you first come across an item. You can learn more about each item you’ll learn in the lesson carousel docs.

Lesson quiz

Once you complete the lesson carousel, you will be directed to a quiz page.

lesson quiz

In order to complete your lessons, you must answer all of the questions correctly. Learn more about the lesson quiz here.