Spaced repetition system

HanziHero has a built-in spaced repetition system that is charge of scheduling your reviews.

Spaced repetition is a technique for spacing out reviews according to their difficulty. It does this by leveraging the science of memory and forgetting to schedule optimal review times. A spaced repetition system is any system that uses this technique for scheduling reviews. You can read more about spaced repetition and how we leverage it within the application here on our website.

Scheduling reviews

Whenever you answer questions within a review quiz, HanziHero keeps track of how accurate your answers are. It uses that information to schedule the next time an item should be reviewed.

Calculating the next review time

Each item in HanziHero has an associated SRS stage. This SRS stage corresponds to how well HanziHero thinks you know the item.

The higher the SRS stage, the less frequently it will show up in your reviews. Conversely, the lower the stage, the more frequently you will see it in your reviews.

If you answer it correctly, the SRS stage will increase. Likewise, if you answer it incorrectly, it will go down so that you can review it more frequently.